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Automate the Odoo app ERP program for your company. Every need is fulfilled by Kiran Infosoft as if it was created to please them. Feature-rich modules have a strong commitment to helping you run your business on the go.

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Odoo Apps ERP Software Development Services

It is time you spent managing multiple apps for various departments to connect your business with the best ERP software that you have available. Odoo ERP Open Source software is a perfect choice as it currently has the industry’s most popular features. The development and implementation of a customized Odoo ERP software allow you to manage your business and unlock messy management procedures automatically.

We build the Odoo ERP program at Kiran Infosoft, which is the best for your needs and ensures its operation is smooth. After making the necessary modifications, we install the appropriate modules. Then we can provide a solution that is in every way possible for your company. Through advances in technology, Odoo development has also become more straightforward.

Why should you go for Odoo ERP?


By every passing day, Odoo App is becoming increasingly popular. And there are just several reasons for this widespread popularity. The most important feature is the open-source of such an efficient system. So Odoo is very inexpensive, and a very active group has gathered.

Odoo is exceptionally modular, apart from being open source. This means that the entire framework doesn’t need to be accessed, studied, and downloaded; you can select what you need and run along with the module. It is highly flexible and highly scalable because of this function.

Companies such as Kiran infosoft have developed expertise under Odoo App Development Services in such modules, and therefore, it is clear that the system model works smoothly with third-party integrations. Also, simple plug-and-play integrations have made Odoo today an open market where many ready-made applications for Odoo users are available.

Odoo ERP Services by Kiran Infosoft

Odoo App Implementation

It can be a difficult task to integrate Odoo with your business model online. The robust architecture of Odoo and the enormous business features add up to the problem. Don’t be afraid, here is the Kiran Infosoft! Our Odoo team knows what they are doing and what they should be doing.

Odoo Integration

With its own SaaS system, Kiran Infosoft incorporates Odoo on other platforms. Our team of experts covered you, whether it is integrating Odoo with CRM and accounting or with any other functional platform. Your data remains safe, and the system runs without failure, thanks to our most successful technologies.

Odoo Customization

Kiran Infosoft’s personalization services are designed to meet your Odoo app needs and expectations. Our main objective is to harness the advantages of the Odoo platform so that what you want is received. Our team of experts has answered a lot of these demands and would also like to solve your problem.

Odoo Development

It is now new in this digital age to expand the business to one or more sites or to develop them all together. We’re creating high-end websites as well as highly available applications with Odoo, so you don’t have to restrict your domain to Odoo. Encourage your company, blog, or organization, and carefully achieve your goals.

Odoo Ecommerce Development

Odoo has an entire eCommerce development department. You create, add, and change your product lists, categories, and optimize your Odoo update on your online business website. What more? What more? The Odoo platform also features the link to third-party e-commerce giants such as Amazon, eBay, etc., which also apply to these sites for your e-commerce sector.

Odoo App Consultancy Services

Our Odoo consultancy services are designed to give your company a new shape and edge. We have comprehensive 360-degree support and help you effectively manage your company workflow. We would develop a highly functional model, which would perform surveys, project and resource allocation, CRM, and sales administration and produce accurate reports that cover different aspects of business development and growth.

Odoo Theme Development & Modification

The case of Odoo app is similar to the modules, and therefore our approach to both problems is similar. Our graphics and façade team is highly skilled and works in conventional, dynamical, easy-to-use, and easy-to-look production processes. We will function to improve the appearance of already existing ones.

Odoo Module and modification

Odoo has its limits, but definite at the end of the day. The modules ‘ default functions may not be enough to satisfy your specific needs. Two methods to solve this problem can be used. Either we can develop a new module together or modify the module that will exist and tweak it according to your needs. The qualities of our squad are both.

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